Which Is the Best Speed Bag Platform?

best speed bag platform

Choosing the best speed bag platform is just as important as procuring the proper punching bag to improve a boxer’s salient skills. One actually complements the other. But how does a speedball actually benefit you in training? Read on as we address your queries on the subject.

If you walk inside your neighborhood boxing gym, perhaps no other equipment should readily catch your attention more than a speedball. Why?

This punching bag does not require you to punch it in the way a boxer normally would in a match. From a distance it almost looks like a person is pawing it like cat, instead of throwing formal jab, straight, or upper cut strokes.

But never doubt the importance of a speed bag in boxing training.

Is Speed Bag Training Necessary?

Learning how to properly use the speed bag will undoubtedly test your patience at first. In a way, it is like learning how to skip rope, which can make you testy up until you just want to quit and ask, what does this have to do with boxing anyway?

At some point, without proper guidance and coaching, some prefer to discard it and continue training with other equipment. Big mistake.

If you pursue boxing without learning how to use a speedball you will notice how you may struggle with your rhythm against other trainees.

Always bear in mind that rhythm in the sweet science is not just to make you look good, develop grace. Just as in music, this rhythm paves the way to the next level of fighting with well-timed punches.

And timing is everything in boxing. If you miss a fraction of a second of opening, you could miss an entire opportunity to land a particular punch. A boxing expert will merely dance away and time you as you keep on missing.

speed bag training

The Benefits of Speed Bag Training in Boxing

The best speed bags aren’t installed to help you develop power, but lest you forget, speed kills in boxing. As initially discussed above, the following are the obvious benefits from speed bag training:

  • It helps develop a boxer’s timing
  • Acclimatizes a boxer to proper rhythm
  • Develops hand speed
  • Trains you mentally by increasing your focus
  • Relieves stress (for fitness)
  • Sharpens one’s hand-eye coordination

Apart from these direct benefits to boxers, for general practitioners or those who train in boxing merely for health purposes, speed bag training regulates your blood circulation, thus prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases or hypertension.

How to Use a Speed Bag Properly

The proper speed bag training requires you to step closer to the equipment. But this does not imply that you’d have to stand close to your opponent in a fight. Remember that this is mainly for timing and coordination development.

  • Square up to the speed ball
  • Raise both arms so that your elbows are steady at the shoulder level
  • Start with either hand by executing small circular rotations, hitting the speed bag in the middle
  • As the speed bag swivels back, time it along with your circular strokes
  • Once you become familiar with the pattern and bouncing, try the other hand with the same technique
  • Once you get accustomed with the rhythm, try shifting your weight to the right or left leg in coordination with the hand that you use to punch. Try mixing it up or shift from left to right without dropping your elbows.

Whether you are training in a comfy gym or in a rugged type like in the Rocky movie series, speed bags catch your attention for its uniqueness and style. As you learn to do it faster you will also learn many different strokes of doing it, mixing it up.

Speed bag training is fun mainly because it is not repetitive or too structured unlike other punching bag training methods. It is also great for toning down your upper body, and it develops the muscles around the shoulder and triceps area.

As aforementioned, this equipment works wonders for you in boxing or fitness purposes, but you will need to have the best speed bag platform to complement it.

What to look for in a speed bag platform?

Getting the best speed bag only gets you half way to your objective. Quality speed bags are made of genuine leather. Check on its craftsmanship so it is well formed and bounces evenly.

It is important to observe how the stitches are done and ask yourself if it looks like it’s the type that would endure hard and consistent strikes on the surface without giving in to the impact.

Attach a nicely made punching bag to the best speed bag platform so that it is perfectly adjusted to your height. A good measure would be to have the bag just above your eyebrows; therefore a platform that can’t be adjusted enough is considered limited equipment.

The best speed bag platform needs to be solid and sturdy, generally around one to two inches thick. If it is too thin it may either be too weak for support or give off offhand vibrations.

Again, since one’s rhythm and timing is crucial, the platform itself must be stable enough not only to give it but also to keep it consistent all the way through training. It must not wobble, which would in effect give off the wrong bounce.

If the platform upon which the speed bag is attached is not solid enough, this will cause the boxer to mistime as the bag may swivel to or fro a wrong direction. It will be difficult to keep up with the proper execution, which would defeat the whole purpose of the specific regimen.

Want to impress your buddies at the boxing gym and improve your speed bag technique? There’s a little video for you below.. Enjoy

Our Three Best Speed Bag Platforms

To help you out, we’ve gone through the top rated, and most recommended speed bag platforms.

1. Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

The brand itself needs no further introduction. Its reputation teems of rich history, quality, and is therefore trustworthy and is a great influence in the combat sport market.

Everlast will take you back to the earliest days of professional boxing. It is at the top of the chain because its long history entails great knowledge as well, and it addresses boxers’ needs based on valuable experience.

The Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform has a 24-inch diameter board, which means that you can replace different types of speed bags to it without compromising its quality. It is also adjustable to about a foot long once installed.

The installation itself will not take time. In fact it should be very easy with all the holes all lined up and ready for fitting, and the screws are all included in the package.

This best speed bag platform is quite sturdy and is recommended with a forty-pound bag on top for more stability. It may come off a bit too loud without it and might disturb neighbors if you are living in a close-quartered apartment.

This model already comes with a swivel, but it’s the boxer’s type so you’ll have to strike at the front or else the bag would clank against it. Purchasing a different swivel is recommended for striking the bag at all sides, for a more professional boxer feel to it.

Key Features

  • Great for gym or home use
  • Adjustable (for any height)
  • Affordable, great value for money
  • One-inch thick strike board
  • Package includes swivel, two brace boards, assembly hardware and full-end padding
  • Easy to install

2. XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

If you are too eager to get your new speed bag out of the box and start your tough boxing routine, the XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform literally takes minutes to figure out and install. The instructions that come with the package are clear and easy to follow as well.

It’s adjustability of up to fifteen-inch height adjustment is great for all types of athletes, even for cross trainers. Or, if one or two people use it at home, its range of adjustability will be a huge plus.

And did we mention a tough boxing routine? This set will be able to absorb what you can give, so give it your all each time!

It not only has a fine finish on material, a nice professional touch, but you can depend on it to give you a powerful workout routine, thanks to its constructed heavy gauge steel.

The swivel needs a little upgrade though. This platform can fit all types of speed bags, but the small ones are observed to be least pleasant to train with because there is a tendency for the bolt above the hook to come into contact upon impact.

The swivel itself also has a tendency to hang the bag askew due to the small size of its ring. But functionality is not an issue. It would be better if the wood that comes with the platform was a bit thicker, but the 1 ½ hardwood works fine and it isn’t as loud as one might initially expect.

Key features

  • Heavy gauge steel, solid structure
  • Minimal vibration
  • Effects a good rebound
  • 15-inch adjustability
  • 24-inch drum, 1 ½ inch hardwood, polished finish

3. Everlast 6-Piece Platform Bag Set

At the price range that you’ll procure this Everlast speed bag platform for you will be real surprised that it comes with the whole caboodle. That it comes with a complete set automatically means that you have got your money’s worth with the main item and more.

All this comes from a manufacturer with a great brand name in boxing.

Among the best speed bag platforms, it is easy to install, and since it comes with a speed bag itself with various colors to choose from, a swivel, one pair of boxing gloves, hand wraps, and a jump rope, you should be ready to bang right away.

But wait; apart from the main items in the package, you will have to make a quick run to the nearest hardware for the lag screws that aren’t included.

This purchase is especially appreciated for beginners. Not sure yet if boxing is the sport for you for the years to come? Try this complete set up first and gradually upgrade to more specialized gear later if you plan to stick to the program.

Boxers at an advanced level would be too much for a bag made of synthetic leather. Pro boxers will make it pop easily, and even the shape seems a bit deformed after inflation.

The pair of gloves that come with the package is good for start-ups. Once you develop speed and power, the cushion won’t be able to protect your knuckles as much as it is supposed to.

The platform is worth purchasing alone, but may need a bit of improvement since it rattles a little too much, however, good enough functionality wise.

The skipping rope is great for beginners. It is lightweight and spares kids from the pang of its whip if they miss a cue. For pros, a skip rope of heavier makeup would be better for more speed and advanced skills.

Key Features

  • Complete set, value for money
  • Comes with speed bag, swivel, pair of bag gloves and hand wraps, nylon jump rope
  • 24-inch adjustable wooden platform with a 3/4-inch thick platform
  • Great brand name
  • Powder-coated adjustable brackets


By now the importance of hand speed training in boxing is a foregone conclusion. Therefore it is not only necessary to use a proper punching bag, but also to tandem it with the best speed bag platform for optimal performance and results.

On which equipment is best for you depends on the level of skill and commitment you find yourself in.

If you are new to boxing, unsure of what to purchase, it is always safe to go for the well-known, oldest brands in the sport such as Everlast. If you are preparing for your first fight, you should go for quality and durability first and above all other factors. Brand names per se should never surpass the importance of quality of the tools of your trade.

Take your time in choosing and remember that the priciest equipment in the market aren’t necessarily the best all the time, or in all aspects. In the same way a cheap buy should not automatically mean a product is made of poor standards.

Try different gyms that use different brands of equipment. Test out various speed bag platforms and even punching bag sizes. The best choices are the ones curtailed to your needs.