Like Pink? Our Best Pink Punching Bag Picks!

best pink punchbag

Boxing can be tough and grueling… and that’s before you even step into a ring, whether you’re going a punching bag to prepare for a fight or simply to get into shape, after a few minutes your heart rate would increase dramatically and those levels of fitness would have needed to kick in.

Due to how hard boxing is, it’s important not to take it too seriously at times and have fun with it. If you’re too serious then the joy of the sport can wear off and it can become too much of a grind. Adding fun to your sessions is a great way to keep that motivation high and that fun can come from playing games on the bag or simply being able to express yourself in term of your equipment.

Using the colors you love is one way of adding fun and boxing has come a long way from just having colors of either red or black, there are now many different color options available in boxing shoes, shorts gloves and with bags as well. Pink is one of the best colors to express yourself and there is an ever-growing range of pink boxing equipment as not only are brighter colors being more commonplace but there are more and more women taking up the sport for are looking for a punching bag for women.

Which is the best pink punchbag out there though? Here we’ve picked three of the best for you to compare are choose which one is right for you. They are all brilliant punching bags but we look at the individual features to let you choose the one that fits your needs.

Our 3 Best Pink Punchbags!

1. Everlast Women’s 70lb Heavy Bag Kit

This is a pink Everlast punching bag which also comes with pink boxing gloves as well as pink hand wraps as well. This is ideal for anyone looking at getting into boxing as it provides all the initial pieces of kit that you need. The chain that comes with the bag is highly adjustable so you will be able to bring it down or up to your favourite height.

At the top of the bag, nylon straps are featured which are very strong and are heavy-duty to be able to cope with both the weight of the bag and the stress that’s going to be placed upon it by punching. Those nylon straps are connected to a double-ended loop which will stop your bag from getting caught up in itself.

You also don’t have to worry about getting gloves either as this bag comes with 12oz gloves. Professional women fight in smaller 10oz gloves, so the extra size is vital in order to keep your hands protected while you are training. That protection as well is added to with the fact that the hand wraps are also provided. Wraps are vital in keeping your wrist and your knuckles safe and secure.

The boxing equipment is made from premium synthetic leather which is more than good enough for most needs and will give you the feel of real leather. This is an ideal bag and comes with an attachment plate to hang up anywhere you like and you can also install your own hook. This is very durable and will be ideal for all your boxing needs.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable height chain
  • 12oz pink gloves and wraps
  • Heavy 70 lbs bag
  • Premium synthetic leather

2. Everlast CardioBlast Heavy Bag

A lot of people either have their own gloves already or would want to be able to choose their own. This is a product that just comes with the bag but one that is designed to be used for intense cardio as well as conditioning work. This is a bag that can be used for a long of different activities so you can switch up your workouts.

The bag is mainly black but has pink on the bottom and top as well as pink in the detailing as well. This I a very easy bag to use in large part to it being made with a soft feel which won’t be too harsh on your hands and feet and you won’t be left feeling sore after using it.

The bag is 40 inches long so it can be used not just for punching but also for kicks and knees if you wanted to mix up your workout. That long length will also be able to keep the bag stable while you are punching which is important for keeping your momentum through a session.

If you’re looking for a bag that you need to remove after every session if it’s being put up in a garage or something similar then this bag would be ideal as it only weighs 40 pounds so can be removed and reattached fairly easily. Its small weight also makes it ideal for younger users as it can be moved easily but also isn’t too heavy when going for the punch.

This bag isn’t ideal if you wanted to practice increasing your power or working on power combinations as it’s a bag that is designed to be able to increase your boxing fitness with cardio sessions. The advantages of this bag are clear as it’s perfect for exercise, lightweight and easy to use. It’s a highly rated product and with it being made by Everlast you have that peace of mind knowing that you’re buying from a top brand.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for cardio
  • Light at 40 pounds
  • No accessories
  • Multi-use for other martial arts

Check out this awesome video on the CardioBlast punch bag!

3. RDX Women Punching Bag Filled Set

As a complete opposite to the previous product, RDX here have offered up a brilliant kit which offers you everything you need in order to start getting into boxing. RDX are known for their bright designs and offer up here a series of great looking products which will have you boxing in no time but also boxing in style as well.

Their bag is a mainly three-tone design with the black banding over the top followed by pink and then the white in the middle. The bag itself is high-quality and weighs about 45 pounds so it’s not light but also not too heavy either so it’s easy-to-use. The bag is wide and comes with rugged chains making it ideal for a whole range of punching.

Along with the bag comes a whole range of great products from RDX including their stylish gloves which are mainly white with pink and black detailing. They are ideal for bag work and comes with gel padding inside which will make it very easy on your hands. Added to that is the hand wraps which are essential for keeping your hands protected at all times.

RDX provides a couple of hanging solutions for your bag as it comes with both a bracket that you can fix to your ceiling as well as a bracket that you can fix to your wall so you’ll always be able to find a place to put your bag. Along with all the punch bag essentials are two additional extras which can be helpful to your boxing strength and fitness.

The first is a hand gripper which will allow you to build up strength in your hand and the second is a boxing classic in the form of a jump rope, we’ve got some recommendations on the best boxing jump ropes on the market. There are plenty of options in this kit that will be able to help you build up your boxing strength and fitness and it provides a great entry into the sport.

Key Features:

  • Complete boxing kit
  • Multiple hanging options
  • Stylish design
  • High-quality bag

How To Use A Punching Bag

Once you have got your punching bag you may just feel like it’s a case of putting it up and starting to punch but there’s a lot more to it than that. In order to protect your hands and make the most out of your session, there are a few rules that you need to follow.

Use your wrapsHand wraps aren’t there for just a fight and there is a reason that they feature in the two bag kits that we have reviewed here today. Hand wraps are essential to boxing as quite simply they help to stop you from breaking your wrist and dislocating your knuckles. That is unlikely to happen when wearing gloves and using a bag, but without wraps, your hands will get sore more quickly and are more likely to get injured.

Warm up – If you hadn’t noticed, boxing is a very violent sport and that violence isn’t just in the ring, as it’s also violent on your body as well such is the pace and power at which you’ll be throwing your punches. Due to that, it’s essential to warm up your body before you start launching your limbs at a bag. Firstly you need to stretch out to loosen your limbs and when you start on the bag you should start slow, throwing out slow and light shots to just warm up. Once you’ve warmed up, you can then start throwing properly.

Punch cleanly – You’d naturally want to be able to punch cleanly anyway to get the most of your sessions but it’s also important to prevent injury as well. When you make contact with the bag you’ll want to ensure that the knuckles of your middle and index fingers are making contact with the bag first, if any other part of your hand is making contact then you are not punching correctly and you’ll soon realize when you hurt your hand. When making contact with the bag, it’s important to pick your spot and throw your punches with purpose.

Hit it properly – If you’re new to boxing then you most likely need to get used to being able to punch correctly. Not only do you have to hit the bag with your index and middle finger knuckles, but you want to have venom in those punches as well. In order to do this, you want to make sure that you’re punching your bag and not pushing it. You don’t want to be thudding shots into your punch bag, you need the snap them in sharply. Your arm should be in and out of the punch quickly, this is important for cardio as well, as a proper punch will be better for you.

Breathe properly – Breathing is one of the most underrated aspects of boxing as if you don’t breathe well you simply won’t have the energy to box for any significant period of time. One of the keys to breathing in boxing is to exhale during each punch which will allow you to control the rhythm of your punches and get you to exhale at the right times. Breathing in should be done through your none and you need to avoid any temptation to breathe in with an open mouth, as this would be dangerous during a fight.

Practice like you mean it – There is little point going up to a punching bag and lazily throwing shots that don’t mean anything. When on the punchbag you need to act as though you’re in an actual fight, moving your head and your feet are vital and you want to make sure that every punch counts. If you’re training for a fight then this is simply a great habit to get into and if you’re doing cardio, then this will increase your level of fitness.

punching bag for women

Why Should You Buy A Punching Bag?

If you’re still not convinced about whether or not you should by a punching bag or not, there are a number of great advantages to it even if you’re not fighting. Here we look at some of the best reasons to get a punching bag.

Improves timing – Timing and boxing can be one of the most difficult arts to master. Getting a punching bag will allow you to work on your timing while hitting a moving back, getting into range and hitting those shots even more sweetly.

Improves reflexes – You may not think that hitting a bag would improve your reflexes that much but you’d be surprised. If you’re throwing a flurry of punches then you have to react quickly as you move around. If the punch isn’t there, then moving your feet quickly will help you improve your reflexes.

Makes you fitter – Punching a bag is hard work. Relentless punching for about a minute will quickly have you wondering how professional boxers can get through a whole fight. Boxing is a wonderful workout and it’ll help improve your fitness for any sport.

Don’t have to leave your house – If you have a punching bag set up in your home then you can have a workout as good as any you’d find in a gym without having to go very far. Having to dress in your best gym wear and travelling can be a pain to many, a punching bag is a fun way of burning plenty of calories at home.

Combinations – You may have been taught things in the boxing gym that you want to perfect. Having a punching bag will allow you time and freedom to work at your combinations at the pace you want. Practice makes permanent and remembering that combination in a fight will be because you’ve worked on it at your punching bag.

Enjoy Yourself!!

While boxing is a serious and brutal sport, that doesn’t mean that practicing for a fight or improving your cardio has to be either. Having fun and bright colours in your equipment is a way of engaging yourself more in the activity and allowing your personality to shine through.

Using a punching bag is great for many reasons, and here we have reviewed three great products which will get you on your way to a greater level of fitness and boxing prowess. So pick your favourite bag, read over the dos and don’ts and get punching.