A Guide to Boxing Mouth Guards and Braces

If you participate in any form of combat sports, particularly boxing, it’s crucial to wear a mouthguard for your own protection. When it comes to protective gear for boxing, nothing is as vital as the mouth guard.

The basics of a match are that your adversary will always aim for your mouth or teeth. The face is always the main target. By wearing a mouth guard, you’ll be protecting your teeth from chipping, mouth contusions, as well as teeth contusions.

Mouth guards also make sense economically. With the huge rise in dental cost, getting dental work done can cost you a lot of money. A simple implant can burn your pocket up to $40,000. On top of that, your pretty face might get messed up, prompting you to get additional face work done.

Considering all these, it would be wise for you to invest in a mouth guard which will cost you only $10-$15 a piece and can instead save you from losing thousands of dollars. If you’re into boxing or any form of combat sport, this will be a wise investment on your part.

If you have orthodontics, you don’t have to worry about getting guards. It’s completely possible and actually even highly recommended. You do have to be specific about it as not all guards are suited for braces.

Types of Mouth Guards

When choosing a mouth guard, particularly if you have braces, it’s eminent to choose one that perfectly fits your mouth and reaches every corner and curve of your teeth.

Mouth guards are available in three forms:

1. Stock Guards

These are the most easily available and standard guards that you can purchase from any sports store. They’re called stock because they’re available in standard sizes. The only thing you have to do is purchase the piece, set it inside your mouth, and you’re all set for a boxing round.

However, the Achilles heel of stock guards is that the size might not suit every competitor because the size of every mouth isn’t identical. This can lead to comfort and safety issues. Due to these disadvantages, many competitors are now shifting towards Boil & Bite guards.

These are also not suitable for braces. Since they come in predetermined sizes and shapes, they simply don’t provide adequate protection and aren’t flexible enough to adequately fit in your mouth and protect the brackets as well. Dentists normally do not recommend this.

 2. Boil & Bite Guards

They’re far more advanced than stock guards and offer a higher standard of protection. The process to fit them is quite simple – just boil them in hot water for up to 60 seconds, then cool them down in cold water for a few seconds and set them inside your mouth and bite into them to get the perfect fit.

The price can go up to $15, which is rather minimal keeping in mind the amount of protection it offers. You even have the option to order them online from a reputed brand that deals in high-quality sport mouth guards.

These mouth guards offer far more durability and protection for braces than stock guards. They can give you a perfect fit if done correctly.

3. Custom Guards

These guards are of a very high standard and are customizable according to your needs. They’re done at the dentist’s office but offer a very high level of durability, comfort, and accurate fitting. However, the major downside is the cost. For a customized mouthguard, it can cost up to $400, which is very expensive compared to the former two.

It’s extremely important that you resort to mouth guard protection before engaging in any combat sport. They offer a plethora of advantages.

These are probably the best recommendations for people with braces. Since they utilize special materials and are custom fitted by professional dentists, they offer far more protection and will fit perfectly.

These can be worn in boxing even if you have braces and will provide you with maximum protection. They can considerably decrease the chances of your brackets from breaking off.

The cost, however, makes it inaccessible for many.

Features to Look For in a Mouth Guard

Here’s a list of essential features that you have to keep in mind while purchasing your mouth guard. These features are very important, especially if you have braces on.

Fit and Comfort

Mouth guards should always be comfortable for you to wear, and they must also be set properly in place. Many competitors often complain that putting on mouth guards make them unable to speak or breathe properly. Both of these issues are linked to a common cause – a loose fitting guard.

If the guard doesn’t stay in place properly, you’ll be constantly distracted during your match prompting you to clench or touch your guard throughout the match.

Also, make sure they’re comfortable and can adjust easily to your braces.

Adequate thickness

Different contact sports often have varying degrees of force being applied. When it comes to boxing, quite a high level of force is applied to knock down the opponent. The thickness of a guard is often determined while keeping in mind the particular sport it’s being used for.

For boxing, ensure that the guard has been made with strong materials and possess enough thickness to add layers of protection to your braces and prevent damage.

best boxing mouth guard

Shape and Form

The ideal structure of mouthguard is one in which you are able to cover all of your teeth, including your molars. The outline of the guard should cover not just your teeth but also the surrounding gums.

Failure of the guard to cover the back of the teeth could potentially place the competitor’s jaw at a higher risk of fracture. While purchasing a guard, always remember to be certain that it offers adequate protection and covers your entire mouth.

If you have braces on, the guard must reach every corner and curve of your braces and must fit seamlessly. Be very particular about it and choose one specifically for braces.


Perhaps the most important factor. While looking for a guard, always make sure that the brand or dentist you’re referring to has enough experience and specializes in combat mouth guards. Look for reviews and testimonials and do proper research. Mouth guards are crucial in boxing, do not compromise in their quality. Make sure that you have the highest level of protection.

There are brands that target guards specifically for braces, and an expert dentist will provide you with top-notch guards that’ll fit perfectly in line with your braces.

Braces and Guards

If you’re active in combat sports and at the same time want to acquire braces, there’s no reason to choose one over the other. Wearing braces and participating in any sport can be a lot of maintenance and might wreck your braces requiring them to get repaired numerous times, which’ll be expensive and also will disturb the alignment of your teeth.

Wearing a guard over braces will increase your protection of braces by two-fold. Whether you opt for a custom or boil and bite guard will depend on your personal case. Enquire with your dentist regarding the best recommendations.

Shock Doctor Mouthguard

There are so many mouthguards available in the market, and few actually fulfill their promises. Shock Doctor is a highly reputed brand, and their Double Braces guard is one of the best combat sports guards in the industry.

It comes in a range of bright colors and is designed to give you the best comfort and precise fitting even if you have braces on. It has channels that make breathing easier and has been designed by professionals to offer professional dentistry protection, and it’s also highly recommended for contact sports, particularly for boxing.

It’s crafted using the strongest silicone material and is particularly designed to offer protection to braces and fit seamlessly on top of the brackets. It offers strong protection to both the upper and lower jaw and requires no moulding.


There’s no way around it. Mouthguards should be mandatory for any contact sport, particularly in aggressive sports like boxing. Choose the best mouth guard to provide yourself with the highest level of protection and also to properly concentrate on your match and not be distracted by anything else.