Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag Review

century wavemaster xxl training bag review

Boxing is a pastime and sport that is very popular these days, and appeals to men and women of all ages. A combination of excellent exercise, great understanding of discipline and the development of the skills to fight an opponent in the ring comes from great training – but training doesn’t stop at the gym. If you are serious about your boxing you will want to make sure you are fit and ready all the time, and that means training in the home.

There are other advantages to having equipment at home – and you may be surprised to find how affordable it can be to equip a simple home boxing gym – in that you can train any time you wish, and that others can use the facilities too. So, what are the essential items that you need to make a home gym viable?

We are here to talk about one specific item – the punch bag. More specifically, the free standing punch bag, and a particular model at that. Why do you need a free standing punch bag? These are very versatile items that you can spar with at will, and the way this one is designed it will provide excellent response too. They take up very little space and do not require permanent fixings, and can therefore be put away when not in use. Plus, this one – the Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag – is a very decent price.

Is it for you? Let’s have a look in closer detail at the Century Wavemaster, and why you might consider it for your home gym set-up.

About the Century Wavemaster XXL

You might ask why we have chosen to review this particular model; the main reason is that it is very popular, with many satisfactory customer reviews, and when something sells in decent numbers it must be doing something right! What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The basic premise of a free standing punch bag is that it can perform the role of a hanging bag but without the need for a permanent fixture. The hanging bag – and they are very good and worth considering – requires a mounting to be fitted to the ceiling, from which the bag is hung, and this means you need to have adequate strength in your roof construction. The free standing bag does away with that, so you can put it anywhere you want.

This model is cleverly designed with some very neat features that make it interesting to boxers, and we should also say that it is also popular with those who indulge in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as it is well made and very durable. It is easy to put together and use, and comes from a maker with strong credentials. So, we’ll check out some of the details for you!

century wavemaster xxl training bag

How Big Is It?

Century, which has been making equipment of this type for more than 40 years, is a US-based company that can be relied upon to provide quality items. Indeed, you’ll find this model – and many others from the range – in use in professional gyms across the US and elsewhere, so you can be assured it is a decent piece of kit.

Size – always an important factor – so how big is it? Well, you can see it is titled ‘XXL’ which is a strong clue; this is the bag Century describes as its ‘ultimate’ – it’s the biggest one they offer, and is pretty substantial. It stands 69 inches tall including the base, and the girth is a full 18 inches in diameter – that’s the bag itself, not the base – so you have a full, all-round punch bag that will be perfect for perfecting your boxing techniques and those all-important MMA moves.

Yet, despite the height and diameter, it is compact enough to fit in a smaller space. Of course, the bigger the room the better, but all you need is an empty room – a garage is a great choice – and enough space around it when it is set in the middle, and the Century Wavemaster XXL is ready to use.

What’s The Weight Like?

There are a couple of factors to consider when we talk about the weight of the Century Wavemaster; first, is the bag itself string enough to withstand heavy use, and second, is the base sufficient to keep it upright when undergoing heavy punches? The fact is that free standing punch bags – not just this one – will move more readily than hanging bags, and there needs to be an element of movement in order to get the best out of a bag.

Another fact is that when the base is filled – it has a nice wide hole into which you add either sand or water for weight – fully it gives the entire structure a total weight of 270lbs. That’s a lot of weight to knock over, so you can imagine the sheer effort it would take to do so. It’s also designed cleverly s that base profile is wide enough to handle the energy of the movement. Customer reviews refer frequently to its sturdiness and ability to withstand hard usage so you can be assured that this is an item that has undergone rigorous testing by many satisfied users!

One thing we will add in this section is that while we said above the free standing bag is easy to put away when not in use, clearly 270lbs is a lot to move, so it would need to be emptied before you put it away. That’s not something we can see you doing often, so bear that in mind!


With a punch bag you want to be sure that it will take the pounding you are going to give it, and the Century Wavemaster XXL is designed to be as strong as is needed for such an item. It is made from very strong and durable material, with vinyl that covers a high-density foam, and once again, you can be assured you are buying a bag from one of the leading names in the business. Put simply, it will withstand a strong fighter for many years, as is alluded to by the many impressive customer reviews.

We will also say that, for an item of this quality and type, the Century Wavemaster XXL is sensibly priced among the competition, and will fit in most budgets for a punch bag. So, a quick look at the pros and cons of this popular bag.

Before we get into our pros and cons, take a look at the user review below.

Pros & Cons

A few things for you to consider, both good and not so good:


  • Size – it’s a great size in both height and diameter, and will fit in any medium sized room.
  • Stability – the design of the base, and the weight when filled, means it can withstand heavy punches from any quarter without falling.
  • Quality – this is a well-made, quality item from one of the top names in the business, so you can rest assured you are getting value for money.
  • Durability – made to last from strong and durable materials, it will give you a sensible useful lifespan.
  • Versatile – suitable for both boxing and MMA applications, it’s a very popular bag with satisfied customers, and it is easy to assemble without tools.
  • No Fixings – there is no need for expensive permanent roof fixings with this model, or with any free-standing punch bags.


  • Weight – Although the weight of the bag and base is a bonus in terms of stability, it does mean that once filled – at 270lbs – it is pretty much set in place.
  • Movement – For some users, the movement that comes with a free standing bag is not to their liking, yet it is part and parcel of what these items do, so make sure you are happy with it.

That’s our selection of pros and cons where the Century Wavemaster XXL is concerned, so what do we think of it overall? Is this the bag for you, or should you look elsewhere?

Our Conclusion

There is no doubt the Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag is a quality item – that’s what we would expect from one of the leading names in the business – and that it is a large bag that is well-made, durable and offers great stability. It’s also a very sensible price, even when considered alongside rival offerings from other known brands, so scores there, too.

Despite its size, it takes up a limited amount of room – you need to factor in that the base itself is 28 inches across, and that you need sufficient space for the bag to swing and for you to move around – and is easy to put together, but bear in mind that the 270lbs total weight when the base is filled means it will likely have to stay put.

Whether this one is for you really comes down to whether you are happy with a free standing training bag, or whether you want to go all the way and fit a permanent hanging bag in your home gym. If a free standing bag is sufficient, then we can safely say the Century Wavemaster XXL is a good choice.