Best Womens Boxing Gloves

best womens boxing gloves

There are a number of reasons to consider when buying the best pair of gloves. Most beginners may not realize this early on, but what may be the best boxing gloves for men will be categorically different when choosing what’s ideal for women regardless of brand. This article serves as your guideline in identifying the top 3 best women’s boxing gloves today.

If you’re still in the initial steps of taking up boxing for fitness or as a competitive sport, you will realize that one of the key benefits of boxing is it’s being very economical. How often do we even hear it mentioned as a poor man’s sport?

It does not require you to buy all the high tech equipment to start, and all the other exercises that it requires can be done traditionally outdoors, and there are a lot of alternatives to developing specific aspects of your body to achieve optimal performance.

The equipment that you can’t buy, or have no space at home for, you can easily find and use in boxing gyms, or even in regular neighborhood gyms for a minimal fee. So buy the best pair of gloves instead.

Buying a Proper Pair of Boxing Gloves Is a Wise Investment

Whether you plan on taking up boxing merely for fitness, or as a long-time sport for competition, you might as well invest your money by buying the best boxing gloves.

The good thing about it is that they are not hard to find. A short visit to the mall, or simply by browsing online with your mobile phone, the best pair are only a few clicks away from being yours. What is vital here is that you know what to look for in choosing a product.

Gloves nowadays come in a wide range of colors and designs. It should be fun picking out what you think really fits your personality. However, all these are mainly for aesthetic reasons. Boxing gloves become wise investments when you buy a pair that should be able to really protect your hands. Then consider how it fits. Weight should also be a factor to consider, and the materials used.

Why do these classifications matter?

The heavier a boxer is, the more power he is able to unleash. Therefore, boxing gloves with more weight is necessary to protect one’s fists and its target. For example, a prizefighter weighing from ninety to one hundred and twenty pounds must use 8 oz. gloves to compete.

If you weigh one hundred and eighty five pounds, a 14 oz. glove is recommended. The heavier the gloves are, the bigger they are in size naturally to add more padding for additional protection or you might break your knuckles, or cave in a bone in your opponent’s face.

Imagine a heavyweight boxer throwing a punch at you using a lightweight’s boxing gloves, and you will realize how important it is to follow these logical guidelines.

Having trouble with sizes? Here’s a great video to help you out.

Are Women’s Gloves Different from Men’s?

On the outside, they practically all look the same. But women’s boxing gloves differ from men’s in that they are designed to fit their smaller hands. Unlike men’s fists that can be bulgy, huge like a stone, women’s hands are narrower and smaller. They also may have slimmer wrists and fingers, and their bone structure can be less sturdy.

The best women’s boxing gloves are designed taking into account these key physical differences.

Of course, a woman may use a glove designed for men is she wishes to for practice, but will soon find out that it could be bulkier on the outside, or not comfortable enough within. And you would want your glove to feel compact, fit, especially when throwing punches in bunches.

Apparently, the range of colors for women’s gloves may differ a lot. Perhaps one of the most saleable items out there is a pink glove for women, and dark blue or blood red for men. But what’s really important here to consider is the interior design of the gloves for women, which are usually small to medium-sized, compared to large ones and up for men.

Known for his style and flashiness, did you know that undefeated world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. likes to use pink gloves?

Boxing Gloves for Sparring

We have pointed out the importance of the weight and size of gloves depending on weight class, however, when choosing a pair to use for sparring it is best to choose a 16 oz. boxing glove for men or women.

Boxing pundits usually refer to it as “pillows” because they are securely padded to protect both hands and spar mates from unnecessary injury during training.

Unlike smaller gloves, 16 oz. ones pose lesser danger especially when it hits facial angles, a nose bridge, reducing the chance of causing facial cuts. Also, practicing with heavier gloves will help a boxer develop strength in time and is most likely to punch harder once using lightweight ones after months of training with a heavy pair.

Why It Matters: Vinyl Versus Genuine Leather

Some women might take boxing fitness as a seasonal interest, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Some just want to enroll in boxing lessons just out of curiosity.

In this case, women’s boxing gloves made of vinyl material may be a logical solution for a beginner’s fitness needs. There are many out there of this type that is of wonderful artistic designs, dainty colors, and they are sold very cheap in the market.

However, the cushion and vinyl may not last for a long time, and for longer sessions. The cushion may not offer enough protection to the knuckles as a student begins to learn the ropes and develop power; the surface may gradually crack and give in especially when constantly exposed to sweat.

Given the basics of how to chose the best women’s boxing gloves, we are going to review the top choices out there in the market today.

Best Women’s Boxing Gloves

1. Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves

The Everlast brand goes a long way in the world of boxing. It has established itself as one of the sport’s premier brands, carried and promoted by even the biggest names in the history of sport. To own one of these women’s boxing gloves will give you the mental advantage directly knowing yours is an internationally renown maker.

So when you hear the name Everlast, it conjures the type of character you long for in boxing in the first place. It is a byname for dependability, durability, trustworthiness, and style.

For starters, it offers a 120-day conditional product warranty. It’s padding is well spread to cover your fist for cushion. Women should love it for its pink color and will love to use it often since it doesn’t develop bad odor due to its treatment.

This model may come with a cheap price, but it is surprisingly comfortable and great even for heavy bag use, being able to withstand pressure from even the most ardent beginner.

Key Features

  • It has a patented thumb-lok feature, cool design to match natural hand contours, for comfortable fit.
  • Everfresh treatment to kill germs and bad odor. Prevents hands from feeling too stuck and sweaty, designed to allow breathability.
  • Big enough strap, easy to lock and unstrap after exercise

2. Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves

Trideer Gloves may be a relatively new brand in boxing, but it makes up for that with the quality and design of its products like a true veteran.

In fact, not only is this model a great choice for best women’s boxing gloves, especially for beginners, but it’s just right, too, for kickboxing and Muay Thai. The premium PU leather it uses guarantees that it will last long even when constantly training under a balmy weather, exposed to boxer’s sweat and humidity.

It gives you the feel of genuine leather. Inside, the padding is thick, the strap really feels secure once fastened.

One thing you might readily notice about the Trideer Gloves is its widened design, which actually helps newbies stabilize their punches and strokes. So all you have to focus on is performing a punch by the book with constant body movement.

The interior of the gloves may feel a little heat after a while of usage, which could cause some smell after a few days if not cleaned after every training session. Overall, you get great value in this product for its price.

Key Features

  • Awesome professional design for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai training, including sparring practice and heavy bagging
  • Durable gloves made of quality Faux leather
  • Widened design to promote swiftness and stability when throwing punches
  • Nice, comfortable grip due to anatomical design
  • Thick padding for knuckle protection
  • Secure strap for additional wrist protection
  • 30-day no hassle returns warranty and lifetime customer service

3. Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves

The stylishness of this pair of gloves would surprise you since it comes with a comparably low price tag. Not only is it designed nicely, but it is also superior functionality-wise too.

Perhaps most noticeable in its design is its wide Velcro strap that should give full wrist comfort and protection. For a while, it may feel a little too tight even for women with average sized hands. But after breaking it in, it shall feel more comfortable, your grip easier and more natural.

The padding is thick, but it may give in after constant heavy use in a year. It is great for sparring, but that way, thinned, better for out of the ring regimen, such as bagging.

The engineered designed offers good protection, and it makes it easier to clean and maintain. Otherwise, it might develop unwanted odor even with its breathability.

Key Features

  • Performance engineered leather construction
  • Gel impact protection foam keeps your hands and knuckles from injury while sparring or doing basic training
  • Easy to clean
  • Secure hook and loop closure system
  • Hands feel fresh inside with mesh palm material


The best women’s boxing gloves should equably offer the most comfortable, most secure design for a woman’s hand. It should be able to make up not only for its smaller and slimmer size, from wrist to knuckles, with equally distributed foam and cushioning, but it should also make the whole training experience an optimal one for better advancement.

The Trideer Pro seems to offer cushioning that lasts longer than its peers. It has a durable Faux leather, very similar to genuine leather. Its wrist protection is good enough, too, although one might need to clean it regularly to avoid an accumulated musky feel and odor after longer use.

However, some women boxers may have bigger hands, just as some punch harder than others in the same weight category and may require more front foam protection, so individual experiences may vary regardless of brand and model. Otherwise, this is our top choice.