Top 5 Best Boxing Mouth Guards: The Ultimate Guide

best boxing mouth guard

If you love to participate in highly physical sports, it is recommended to use a mouth guard as a general precautionary measure.  However, to not use one in a sport like boxing would be deemed very irresponsible.  Here is a guide to choosing the best boxing mouth guard and how it will ultimately redound to your benefit.

Not only are you exposed to accidental contact in a bustling, high energy activity in boxing, but you are expected to stack up against boxing practitioners who train for hours each day, aimed, and executing thousands of punches on the punching bag, double-ended bag, speedball, continually shadow boxing for posture and timing; all designed to re-arrange your looks, of which the mouth is a ready target.

Because of the specialized training regimen boxers go through, whether amateur or professional, boxing mouth guards are necessary protective gear along with the best boxing headgear and a proper pair of gloves.

Even if you don’t actually spar against someone in the ring, it is still important to use a boxing mouth guard if you have the tendency to grind your teeth when exerting effort, to avoid damage to your teeth.

Benefits of Using Boxing Mouth Guard

You’d be amazed at how boxers are able to generate so much power in a punch so quickly and with minimal effort compared to an average person.  It’s all in the momentum, physics at work, from the shift of a foot to the twist in the hip and shoulder plus the final twist in the knuckle at the exact point of contact that does the most damage to its target.

A well-timed boxing punch could easily lead to an opponent losing a tooth.  A slight angle change may cause its fracture, which may lead to other tooth problems in the future.  Also, without a proper mouthpiece you become vulnerable to sustaining a broken jaw, and even brain injury, without the impact-absorbing quality a good boxing mouth guard is designed for.

It mainly protects our teeth, jaw, and neck by absorbing the force of a blow and dispersing it through its scientific design toward less vulnerable areas, so it becomes as bearable as it can be.

Therefore, not only is it wise to invest in a top boxing mouth guard for health reasons, but it’s economic as well, if you consider how much money is expected to be spent through dental surgery, and like treatments.

Types of Boxing Mouth Guards

  • Stock mouth guards are easy to purchase and all ready to use. They are also cheap and might come in great designs, but do not expect it to fit as nicely as a professional guard would.  It may not be that comfortable, it’s fitting and protection level suspect as they come in generalized sizes.
  • Boil and bite guards are a tier higher than stock ones in terms of protection and comfort. They too come in standard sizes, but they can be shaped according to the curves and contours of our teeth and gums.  This way, it becomes more natural, less chunky.
  • Custom mouth guards carry the heavy price tag of the lot, but it is all worth it. The protection it gives is top notch, being designed by a dentist specifically for you mouth.  Not only should it be most effective functionality-wise, but also it can be designed aesthetically just the way you want it to fit your boxing personality!

Our Recommended 5 Best Boxing Mouth Guards

Below is our top 5, this should help you make a decision on the hundreds out there to choose from.

1. Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor’s Gel Max Mouth Guard comes in many cool colors.  It is designed to withstand even the toughest shots one can get when sparring and, in fact, it can protect your teeth versus unexpected blows to the mouth area in any physical sport.

When using this for football, it has tiny holes around the guard for convertible tethering, which means you may use it strapped or strapless.  Not only is this mouth guard stylish, but also it is probably the most comfortable protective guard out there in the market for young and adult use.

However, unboxing this Shock Doctor mouth guard might mislead some consumers into thinking that it is too small at first.  It appears tiny and compact but once you actually fit it and follow the fitting instructions in the packaging it is actually highly expandable, and you wouldn’t have to worry about it missing important curves in your gums because it is designed to adapt to it, and can be reshaped to perfection.

There is no reason to doubt that this mouth guard is able to do the job expected of it.  Why? It offers a $10,000 dental warranty.  So when you spar even against tough and bigger gym partners you can actually focus on performance more rather than worrying if your teeth will hold up if you are accidentally caught.  This way, the Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard becomes a necessary optimal tool to improve your training.

Key Features

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus a $10,000 dental warranty.
  • Heavy duty Exoskeletal Shock Frame that gives maximum protection from even the hardest impact
  • New gel-fit liner gives the most convenience and comfort, easy to shape around the mouth
  • Non-flavored. No need to worry about the icky after-taste common in lesser mouth guard products.

2. Venum Challenger Mouth guard

The Venum brand has become among the most popular names in boxing, and this “Challenger” mouth guard shows its mix of modern design and above standard quality.  Right of the box it comes with a clean case which gives you an idea of how seriously the makers deal with hygiene.

It is easy to shape, thanks to its Nextfit Gel frame, to perfectly suck in and make you feel comfortable.  It really holds up even if you don’t clench your teeth, so you are able to communicate with your coach or gym buddy while using it.

If you have a habit of gnawing when you train, the outer layer of the mouth guard will give it more cushions against your bite.  It is strong enough to withstand an external impact, but soft enough on the inside for comfort.

However, after long and regular usage, tough biting on the inside might eventually tear its soft gel material.

Key Features

  • Comfortable Nextfit Gel frame
  • Offers good breathability
  • High Density Rubber frame that is able to catch and absorb that punch

3. Venum Predator Mouthguard One Size

This mouth guard by Venum offers a fit-all design, is a beautiful compromise between protection and comfort.  This product is also easy to mold, so much so that it feels close to using a professional customized mouthpiece for boxing.

Apart from its soft Nextfit Gel frame, which helps those who habitually clench when training, relieving them of the stress and headache it causes, the “Predator” is very breathable to use. It has a solid vacuum design, therefore making you feel natural with it, with minimal adjustment issues.

This is in many aspects a considerable improvement from the “Challenger” where the impact of solid punches gets dispersed from weak spots towards the harder jaw areas.  However, despite the one-size for all claim it may not fit well at all for kids below ten years old.

Key Features

  • Improved breathability
  • Nextfit Gel frame for a better mold and overall comfort
  • High Density Rubber frame is able to take in a phantom punch and distribute its impact, offering great protection, enhanced to the jaw area.
  • Encased mouth guard for better hygiene.

4. Everlast Evershield Double Mouthguard

The very moment you order a product with a solid brand like Everlast you feel like you’ve purchased that winning feeling with it.  You get the impression that you have chosen a name that has a long history of champions to back up the claims the Everlast products make.  You get credibility.

So how does the Everlast Evershield Double Mouth Guard measure up against the competition? It does offer a great deal of protection for both the inside and outside area.  It makes you feel secure with this two-layer construction design without necessarily compromising its comfort (as long as you follow the mold instructions), although it may be just a little bit bulky.

It may be used for different contact sports, but it’s perhaps best for boxing because of its sturdy frame designed to take in a punch.  The breathing can become a bit of an issue since its breathing channel is focused on the center.  It’s still great value for your money.

Key Features

  • Double layered frame for extra protection
  • Shock absorbent inner layer design to absorb external impact better
  • Central breath channel
  • Heavy duty, solid design
  • Boil and bite design for comfort

5. OPRO Power-Fit Mouth Guard

This OPRO mouth guard feels natural in your mouth, so you won’t have to worry about it moving when you train.  Even if you are hit in the head you can be sure this won’t readjust and become uncomfortable.  It won’t even cause any inconvenience by protruding up the gum area.

Once you mold it and fit it, the mouth guard really just stays there.  It has sufficient protection quality from injuries and it fits way better than the standard boil and bite designs with its Power-Fit feature.  There’s really no need for you to use your fingers to shape it, and the way it is designed makes it easier to speak when attached.  It is also easy to breath through it when training.

The extended 18-month $20,000 dental warranty only shows how confident the makers are of this product, which should give consumers a peace of mind.  To think that this product is handmade is just incredible considering its price and functionality.

Key Features

  • Amazing custom fit, handmade design
  • Great for all contact sports, best for boxing
  • 18-month $20,000 dental warranty
  • Stretch zones and high-flow gel materials used promise flexibility and protection simultaneously
  • Favored by the UFC, football, and rugby sports organizations worldwide


The OPRO Power-Fit Mouth guard is chosen by many sports organizations, such as the UFC for obvious reasons.  It does delivery on the promise of giving mouth protection through the use of technology and special design that makes it feel as though it were an extension of you.  It’s so natural to use.

In a blood sport like boxing, this could mean a lot to deliver optimal performance.  Compared to using a bulky, poorly fitting mouth guard, the OPRO Power-Fit Mouth guard will make you concentrate mainly on your opponent and your goal, and the ring that’s the only thing that matters.  Having one or two more things to worry about, like how uncomfortable a mouth guard is, could mean the difference to victory and a bad night.