Best Boxing Headgear 2022: The Top 5!

best boxing headgear

The use of protective gear is vital in any kind of sport either for palpable health reasons or to prolong one’s career. When training for a contact sport like boxing it is absolutely essential to spare yourself from unnecessary harm when training to maximize one’s learning experience and overall development. The question should not be to wear a headgear or not, but rather what to choose among the best boxing headgears there are out in the market.

Effectively designed boxing headgears lessen the impact of a punch through its foam or cushion, dispersing its force, to make it so much more bearable. This way, even among advanced practitioners, we rarely hear about boxers getting knocked out while sparring in camp.

That’s how much a good head guard can help, thanks to today’s advances, scientifically improving its design with more visibility, guard contours, cheek protection, and the like.

If you’re a beginner who would love to learn the sweet science, but the concomitant pains are bugging you, a proper gear should make you feel so much safer. Not only will it help you avoid dangerous injuries with long-term effects, such as a head concussion or brain trauma, but also it will be very useful against common cuts.

What Are the Common Complaints by Boxers When Using Headgear?

Depending on the design of a boxing headgear, common complaints against using it revolve around its discomfort. Designed similar to a helmet, it can let you feel sort of caged, feeling a bit claustrophobic.

This is especially common among beginners, and they complain about it being too bulky to wear. In a way, it can be limiting, making it much harder to move around the ring and avoid incoming punches. Some complain that it adds to the lack of breathability when already using a protective mouth guard.

If you’re wondering why Olympic boxers no longer use headgear, looking more like professional prizefighters, it is partly because it can be limiting to a degree, and that it makes it hard for a boxer to see punches from all angles, especially hooks. If not fitted well enough, it can slide when taking a punch, thus blocking your vision and increasing the chances of getting tagged further.

Another reason Olympians no longer use the gear is because research says it gives them a false sense of protection. Not that it does not mitigate the pain or lessen the chances of getting a concussion, but it makes headgear users take more risks. Some risks they would never have made perhaps without head protection.

Therefore, the bolder a boxer gets the more risks he takes that would only put his health in danger. Conversely, it is suggested that without the headgear a boxer tends to be more careful, extra cautious, taking risks only when necessary and calculated.

However theoretically sound, it still seems unlikely that a certain type of boxer should drastically change his fighting style mainly because of a headgear.

There are offensive fighters, swarmers, pressure fighters, and they are likely to take high risks during fights mainly because that is how they are trained every time. That is the foundation of their winning strategy.

But would a defensive oriented boxer turn into a slugger just because he is aided with a headgear? Would it convert his punch output by hundreds more every time, fundamentally stepping out of his element because he feels safer?

There are different styles in boxing, set in a boxer’s mentality. Headgears have nothing to do with it.

Therefore, It is important to choose a headgear that perfectly fits your size. Choose one that can be easily adjusted (Top/back), with good cushion that does not effectually decrease your range of vision. Pick one that feels natural to use, and guards sensitive areas of your head. You will never regret taking extra care for safety 100% of the time when boxing.

Our Top Five Recommendations

1. Everlast Everfresh Head Gear

There is great value to be had in this product by Everlast. It flashes a trusted brand name, which speaks volumes about its own history with the sport of boxing, but it comes with an incredibly reasonable price.

You train in style and unlike other headgears in the market this gives you a much better access to your peripheral vision. It doesn’t let you feel too closed in thanks to its design that’s apparently a product of Everlast’s rich experience. By not feeling too boxed or cramped, a boxer is able to avoid being hit with hooks and may experiment with performance more freely. It makes a boxer feel as comfortable as training with a headgear can be.

The cushion inside the Everlast Everfresh Head Gear may be better with a little more thickness. The protection is good, although the punches can be felt if hit with sufficient power. And because it has a Velcro strap, the fitting might not be too secure after taking a few punches. Still, overall, this offer is good value for your money.

Key Features

  • Made of rugged and durable Everhide
  • Excellent visibility, offers more safety due to cheek protectors
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Adjustable straps, designed to fit most adult head sizes

2. SANJOIN Boxing Headgear

Feeling a bit jittery, sparring for the first time? This boxing headgear will make your training experience a memorable one by offering real good protection with double layer foam padding. It is a must-try, for Sanjoin even offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Its inside material is soft, so there’s no issue of irritation on your skin. It is lightweight and comfortable, and it fits almost all head sizes well. One also doesn’t have to worry about using the product for prolonged and regular periods because it is water and sweat resistant, so it won’t just wear out easily. It competes with big name brands quite nicely.

Key Features

  • Highly adjustable, can fits a child’s or adult’s head
  • Cheek, chin, forehead is well protected with a double layer foam padding, including back of head against rabbit punches
  • Made of lightweight material, water resistant, highly comfortable to use

3. Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear – Best Boxing Headgear With Nose Protection

This headgear has a cool hip design, compared to the traditional ones out there in the market. Since it is made of Skintex leather, it is ultra lightweight. It is good to use when practicing defense and much head movement, ducking and weaving. Plus, it offers good visibility.

It’s a one-size-fits-all design, which means that for those with smaller head sizes it may have a minor issue with securing and refitting the straps while sparring. It may be a little big for smaller female trainees, but it still gets the job done. It offers good protection to vital head parts; boxers will have no problem with breathability, and it’s very comfortable to use.

Key Features

  • Triple density contoured foam
  • Ultra lightweight material
  • Two-way, adjustable, Velcro closure
  • Made of Skintex leather

4. Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Head Protection Headgear

Ringside designed this headgear with utmost protection and comfort in mind for boxing practitioners. That’s why it can be purchased in different sizes, for a more personalized feel, and the cheek protection is good, although a bit shallow. Still it gets the job done and the nose and facial features are fairly safe even from a phantom punch. In fact, it is safe enough for all levels of sparring and training use.

This is quite durable because it uses good leather. It has a cool design, although the buckle could eventually rust after long usage and exposure to humidity and body sweat.

The design of this boxing headgear may take away a little bit of peripheral vision in favor of safety and better cushion, but it’s good enough to let you focus on performance, not a hindrance at all. The chin strap is a little short, but once it is fitted, head adjustments shouldn’t be a problem and you’re ready to put in some good work.

Key Features

  • Sleek contoured design, curved cheek protection
  • Uses durable leather construction, top-quality laminated foam system

5. Contender Fight Sports Competition Headgear

USA Boxing approves this Contender headgear for formal competitions, which is a strong statement in itself. Not only does it add more credibility to the product, but its price remains economical also; another reason to appreciate it even more.

Its durability is tested. The contour designs on the sides add more to its safety feature, and since it is not a one-size-fits-all, consumers may choose the most comfortable size to wear. It’s real sleek. Even if you get hit with a combination of punches it is unlikely that constant headgear adjustments will be necessary.

Although most fighters would not say wearing headgears make them feel comfortable, this product makes it less of a burden through its adjustability and buckle strap. The padding is designed to absorb the impact of a punch and redistribute it evenly, making sparring as safe as it can be. Even women trainees with long hair attest to its comfort due to its top and back lace closures.

After use, this headgear is easy to wash, and you wouldn’t have to worry about its material being soaked in water.

Key Features

  • USA Boxing organization approved
  • Outer material made of durable leather
  • Top and back lace closures, buckle chin strap
  • Top quality padding
  • Designed for sparring or competition, top rated headgear for boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA


All these top five headgears are highly recommended for training, especially among beginners and amateurs, who might need efficient equipment so they can focus on learning the sport instead of worrying about breaking a nose bridge, or getting accidental head butts.

They are essential for better protection against injuries that may only derail their trainings and improvement. However, the Contender Fight Sports Competition Boxing Muay Thai MMA Sparring Head Protection Headgear with Cheeks stands out as our tool of choice.

The product offers great value for your money in terms of durability, the degree of safety it can offer, considering that boxing is a very physical, high contact sport; and this is why by USA boxing approves of it.

It is your companion in training as well as in official amateur competition. This means that you wouldn’t have to adjust so much with a new headgear, as you’ll be using the same kind while in training camp. It gives you the edge in terms of familiarity and comfort. All one has to do is to concentrate on winning!