5 Best Boxing Gloves for Kids [Our Guide For 2022]

best boxing gloves for kids

Boxing has recently wowed the world with its competitiveness, enthusiasm, and entertainment. Most talented boxers have become a household name and it’s no surprise that young kids are growing up idolizing these combatants. This sport is more than just two competitors smashing one another until the other is unable to get up.

There lies an undeniable class and elegance to boxing that people who’ve never watched a single match will not understand but I am sure you do. And by now, your kids must have also displayed their interest in the sport.

You must’ve noticed them playfully punching your biceps or shadowboxing in their room. It’s not something to be discouraged or squashed, instead invest in high-quality gloves for your kids and unlock their potential.

If you get past the perceived violence you’ll understand that boxing isn’t just an awesome exercise but can also inculcate in your kid the values of patience, training, discipline, and competitiveness. It’s also an awesome channel to relive their aggression and fine-tune their focus.

It’ll allow your little boy to develop into an adult.

Boxing Gloves For Kids Buying Guide

Before I list down some of the best gloves for kids, there are some essential characteristics that should be kept in mind when purchasing any gloves. Always look out for these features. These are not just applicable for kids but for adults as well.

To provide you with an unbiased and authentic review I have intensely researched each of the gloves and made sure that they possess all of the following essential features.


There are numerous brands that offer boxing gloves for kids. With the popularity of boxing, it’s no surprise that boxing gloves brand have mushroomed everywhere. However, there are numerous low-quality brands that produce gloves with mediocre quality for cheap prices. Some even charge exorbitant prices for the same mediocre quality.

Make sure that you buy from a brand that has been in the industry for a long time and has an excellent reputation. High-quality gloves are not always expensive and some reputed brands even offer affordable gloves at reasonable prices.

There are so many options. However, I recommend that you look for an established brand that deals particularly with kid-specific boxing gloves.

There are also a plethora of online sites that sell low-quality gloves and gear and hype the products with paid reviews. Not all of them are necessarily fake, but I would recommend you to steer clear of them. Instead, opt for brands that are already established and trusted.


Gloves are often produced in leather or vinyl. For beginners and kids, it is recommended that you go for vinyl gloves. Generally, vinyl gloves possess a Velcro closure which will be much easier to put on.

Once your kid has grown up and/or has developed more primary skills, you can switch to leather gloves. Leather gloves are mostly used by professionals. They’re more expensive as they are more durable and last longer.

Weight and Size

After you’ve chosen the material for the gloves, next is the size and weight. Gloves are available in small, medium, and large. For children, the gloves should typically range from 4oz to 6oz. For kids, they can be from 4oz to around 8oz. However, 8oz is generally aimed for kids reaching their teens.

When buying the gloves, make sure they are not too heavy and fits perfectly. Make sure that it’s not oversized or slips off, as it can prevent your kid from sparring properly.

Closure Options

Gloves come in Velcro and lace-up closure options. Velcro closures are recommended for kids. They are suitable for sparring, heavy practice, as well as training. They’re perfect for kids as external assistance is not needed to pull up or pull off. However, keep in mind that Velcro gloves can inflict bruises both to the one who wears them and the opponent.

Lace-up gloves are often reserved for professionals as they fit snuggly but will require external assistance to put on.

Inner Gloves/Hand Wraps

It’s recommended that you wear either inner gloves or hand wraps before you put on the gloves. If only gloves are worn, they’ll be unable to provide adequate protection. Inner gloves/hand wraps are manufactured with strong shock absorbent materials for strong protection against continuous punches. They aid in forming a strong fist.


It’s very unlikely that your kid will spill blood or beat someone to a pulp during a session, however, their gloves should also be washed efficiently and cared for so that they’ll last a very long time.

You should clean the gloves by wiping with a cloth and washing in – not hot water – but warm water. Also, secure them by storing in a cool dry place to protect them from light or heat which can cause damage.


When purchasing, also keep in mind the purpose of the gloves. Different gloves are produced for different purposes. Some are better suited for competitions while others are reserved for training sessions.

Also, keep in mind the type of combat, for instance, MMA matches will require different features like open palm design which enables them to grapple better.


Reviews are an excellent method to ensure that you’re purchasing authentic and high-quality gloves for your kids. Scour the internet extensively and read reviews about the best gloves as well as of the brand. Research the materials used as well as the authenticity of the brand.

It’s pretty common these days to see fake reviews flooding the web. Therefore, read numerous reviews and narrow down your search. Look for reviews where people have actually used the product for an appropriate duration of time.


It’s understandable that every person has a specific budget. But the good news is that boxing gloves for kids aren’t too expensive. Depending on your kid’s enthusiasm for the sport and skill, invest in a glove that you think is appropriately priced.

If you just want your kid to try and figure out if he’ll be interested in boxing, there’s no need to invest in expensive gloves. Similarly, if he’s just starting out, it’s recommended that you buy him less advanced, less expensive gloves.

As his skills and enthusiasm develop, you can upgrade to more expensive and advanced gloves to correlate with his development.

Once they’re over the initial surprise of their opponents not apologizing after punching them in the face, you can buy more advanced and expensive gear for your future legend.

Our Top 5 Recommendations

Now that you’re aware of the features to look for, let’s check out these five awesome boxing gloves for kids that I have selected through intense research. To narrow down only the best, only gloves particularly aimed at kids have been mentioned.

1. Sanabul Essential Gel Training Gloves

In the industry, Sanabul is reputed for producing excellent equipment for athletes. It’s also my top pick. They have repeated the excellent formula for kids as well. The Sanabul Essential Gel gloves are a top pick and remain one of the favorite choices for children.

They’re available in a range of vivid colors allowing your kids the option for personalization and they’re also produced small enough to fit seamlessly into most kids hands. The eye-popping colors and design of these gloves will appeal to children and motivate them to join boxing and start their exercise routine.

These gloves are made with very strong and durable padding which provides adequate protection that helps prevent injuries to your kid’s growing hands. This’ll give you assurance that your kid will be safe when participating in boxing competitions.

It’s very crucial that you are investing in a glove that provides performance and quality. These gloves from Sanabul are made with the highest quality leather to ensure the highest durability and will last for a very long time.

They also mix a unique foam with gel to ensure softer padding thereby cushioning your kid’s hands during a hit.

The insides of a glove are often full of sweat and gross. This encourages bacterial growth which is harmful for your kids. Sanabul has put a lot of work into mitigating this issue.

They’ve resorted to using mesh-like material in the construction of the palm area. This mesh allows proper circulation of air into the gloves. It also provides a channel for heat and moisture to exit which produces better breathability and an improved grip.


  • Available in vivid colors
  • Suitable for children
  • Soft foam and gel padding
  • Excellent bacteria mitigation
  • Affordable


  • Requires time to break into

2. Cheerwing Pu

PU Cartoon Sparing Dajin Kids gloves by Cheerwing is also another excellent recommendation. They’re not just awesome to look at but also very reliable and effective. These gloves are perfect for beginners and for kids aged 5-10. They secure the runner up position on this list.

This excellent PU leather quality may not hold up to proper competition, but is an excellent choice to teach your kid the basics and maintain an ideal form during bouts, while also providing them an example of how their fists will feel when eventually going up against an opponent.

Even though it comes in only one size, it provides an elastic wrist wrap that ensures a customizable fit for kids and should fit perfectly all the way until they’re ready and experienced enough to advance to more serious competitions.

Cheerwing constructed these gloves in such a way that they allow room for kids hands to develop properly and grow while at the same time providing a secure fit to avert injuries and maintain wrist stability, which is crucial for fast sparring.

You must be aware that kids can throw away something at the slightest discomfort. If the gloves are uncomfortable, your kid might hang up his gloves forever. Worry not, as these Cheerwing gloves incorporate tiny ventilation holes to provide excellent breathability and ensure that your kid’s hands are cool and dry during intense sparring sessions.

They remain an excellent choice for kids. They’re produced for both boys and girls, so even little girls can have a spar with their brothers. For practice and light sparring, you’re unlikely to find other gloves that match up to these.


  • Suitable for many combat sports like Muay Thai and MMA
  • Light enough for kids
  • Can be put on very easily by kids
  • Excellent leather quality
  • Breathability


  • Not very suitable for proper competition

3. Ringside Apex

Gloves from Ringside are known to be one of the best in the industry. They’ve been manufacturing high-quality gloves for years and always keep themselves updated with the latest technology. Safety is very important while engaging in any combat sport especially for kids.

These gloves have been produced with the latest foam technology which provides superior padding and protection while maintaining optimum boxing grip.

These gloves are equipped with the latest and finest technology. They’re the sole users of the latest IMF technology for boxing gloves. During construction,  IMF which stands for Injected Model Foam is inserted into the primary padding area of the gloves. This injected foam is superior and of higher quality than the conventional multilayer foam that other companies offer.

As they are injected, the foam will expand and ensure that all the bubbles and pockets of air are pushed out which will allow a complete and optimal filling of the area. This gives maximum protection as the padding will be efficiently filled.

These gloves are designed keeping in mind the support and protection of the combatants from injuries. The Gloves possess a solid wrap to ensure that the wrist is provided with sufficient protection and prevent slipping during sessions.

They also incorporate a simplistic loop and hook fastener to perfectly secure the gloves while at the same time allowing you to swiftly wear or take off. Even if both the hands are mitted, it is secure and simple enough allowing competitors to take it off.

The boxing gloves are also curved which will naturally support your kid’s hand and at the same time allow ideal alignment of the fist while hitting.


  • Manufactured using the latest technology
  • Huge range of colors
  • Excellent Durability
  • Synthetic leather
  • Available in the smallest size


  • Might run small

4. RDX Boxing Gloves

The Maya Hide gloves from RDX remains a premium and efficient choice for kids. If you are on the lookout for boxing gloves for your kids who are more inclined towards serious competition, than the glove from RDX is a sure-fire win. For kids who want to advance from light training to more advanced combat, these gloves will be perfect. They’re suitable for interested kids from 7 to 15 years of age.

Like most premium quality gloves, they provide superior protection and support for your kid’s hands, add to that the dense latex padding with strong and high-quality shock absorbent foam, your kids will get one of the best if not the best protection available in the business, at least for kids who want to have a duel.

They also come in the padding of EVA-LUTIOn foam around the wrist which will ensure your kid with the best fit for jabs, haymakers, and sweet right hooks. Your kid will surely want to learn all the techniques and moves.

RDX has done intense research to provide the highest level of protection possible. Along with the above-mentioned protection features,  they have incorporated a kid-friendly Slipastic wrist design that provides protection to the wrists and averts injuries and strains while training. This design also makes it very easy to wear or take off, ensuring that you are provided with not only comfort but also convenience.

Their trademark Maya Hide Leather is more advanced than the traditional PU leather. They offer higher durability, density, and offer a higher longevity. In comparison to other leathers, it is also much less suffocating. On top of that, they have utilized the latest Cool X palm-mesh that accentuates optimal breathability and provides comfort even at the 12th round of the competition.

They are made with the best quality materials. Due to their excellent size and quality, they will surely last your kid at least a few years and depending on how your kid develop and grow as a fighter, these gloves may serve them until they graduate to young professionals.

But due to their age range, they may not be ideal for kids below the age of 7. This is only because of the lack of availability of sizes. They come in 4 and 6ozs.

If you have a kid who is enthusiastic about boxing and is just starting out, it’s recommended that you start out with beginner gloves and wait for them to develop their skills and techniques before eventually giving them advanced gloves like these. Once they are more matured, these gloves will help them pack some serious punches.


  • Intense density for added protection
  • Very useful for numerous levels
  • Ideal for ages 7-15
  • More advanced and higher quality in comparison to other kids gloves


  • Not ideal for young beginners

5. Venum Contender

When it comes to boxing, just the look of the gloves can give a glimpse of the athlete’s abilities. The aesthetic of the boxing gloves from venom is extremely tough, powerful, and cool, but it’s not just the appearance of the gloves that matter. The venom gloves are also jam-packed with super cool features.

These gloves are very tough and hardy and can survive some serious punches. They also come in a collection of vivid colors that your children will definitely adore. They also produce the gloves in a variety of sixes to ensure that you stick with their brand your whole boxing career. Venum gloves are of the best quality and will survive the toughest of fights.

Boxing training sessions are known to be very intense and extensive, so make sure that your kid’s gloves are high on protection for safety purposes. Sprained wrists remain one of the most common injuries during a boxing match. This happens because the gloves end around the wrist area and the absorption of shock occurs around the wrist.

To avert unnecessary injuries and bruises as much as possible, the Venum gloves are made with an extra thick layer of Velcro enclosure. The secure strap will ensure that the gloves are perfectly fitted to your kid’s hands and prevents slipping off.

In addition to that, the Venum contender Gloves have an increased level of thickness to ensure that the entire wrist is covered for maximum support and to avoid unnecessary slipping or sliding.

Incorporating the latest state of the art foam, Venum Contender gloves are provided with very strong padding. One of the essential features to look out in gloves are the padding which connects with the opponent during a hit. These punches are often very aggressive and forceful and it’s crucial to maintain padding that’ll be strong enough to protect both the one wearing it as well as the opponent.

Insulation is also paramount in gloves. Improper insulation in gloves could lead to a broken nose or knuckles. Venum gloves make use of the best quality multi-layer foam making it intensely dense and allowing it to absorb most of the impact.

These Venum Contender gloves are known to last a very long time and are very durable. They’ll last for many years and the foam’s elasticity will stay intact. They’re available in a broad range of sizes so that they can grow with your kid’s hands.


  • Proper Wrist support
  • Easy to wash
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Multi-layer foam design


  • Little more expensive
  • Ventilation might not be sufficient

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, you know your child better than anyone else. Choose one which you think will be most suitable for your kid. However do not compromise on the quality, safety, and protection.

Boxing is not just a bunch of mindless dudes beating the hell out of each other. By encouraging your kids, they will develop qualities and principles that are sure to help them not just in the sport but even later in life.