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is no sex before a fight a myth

Is No Sex Before A Fight A Myth?

“Women weaken legs.” It’s an infamous line from the character of Mickey Goldmill in Rocky II which came out in 1979 but the perception...
best speed bag platform

Which Is the Best Speed Bag Platform?

Choosing the best speed bag platform is just as important as procuring the proper punching bag to improve a boxer’s salient skills. One actually...
boxing triangle theory

The Boxing Triangle Theory, What Is It?

The Boxing Triangle Theory is all about slipping and countering your opponent and it gets its name from using a conceptual triangle that can...
what is rabbit punching

What Is Rabbit Punching in Boxing?

The term rabbit punch may not seem dangerous at a quick glance, as if it had not caused numerous deaths to boxing practitioners throughout...
how does a boxer cut weight

How Does A Boxer Cut Weight For A Weigh In?

Oh to be a heavyweight where you don’t ever have to worry about cutting weight and can eat as much as you want and...